Steroids in SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
Steroids in Serum (automated microplate)LC-MS/MSCE marked
Aldosterone in serumLC-MS/MSCE marked
Cortisol/Cortisone in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Cortisol/Cortisone in SalivaLC-MS/MSCE marked
Antibiotics in SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
MTX, 7(OH)MTX, DAMPA in SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
NOAC in SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
Drug of Abuse in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Drug of Abuse in Whole BloodLC-MS/MSCE marked
Drug of Abuse in HairLC-MS/MSCE marked
Catecholamines, Free Metanephrines and Serotonin in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Total Metanephrines in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
VMA, HVA and 5-HIAA in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Catecholamine, Free/Total Metanephrines and Serotonin in Urine SPE on-lineLC-MS/MSCE marked
VMA, HVA and 5-HIAA in Urine SPE on-lineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Vitamine B6 in Serum/PlasmaLC-MS/MSCE marked
p-Cresyl Sulphate - Indoxyl Sulphate (total and free) in Plasma/SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
Hydroxypyrene in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
Ethylglucoronide in HairLC-MS/MSCE marked
Phosphatidylethanol in Whole BloodLC-MS/MSCE marked
Methylmalonic acid in Plasma (EDTA) and SerumLC-MS/MSCE marked
2,5 Hexanedione in UrineLC-MS/MSCE marked
t,t-Muconic acid and Phenylmercaric acid in Urine LC-MS/MSCE marked



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